Recipe for peach palm spaghetti with pesto sauce

peach palm spaghetti with pesto sauce

Are we going to learn how to make peach palm spaghetti with pesto sauce? The name sounds like a sophisticated dish, but I guarantee that this pupunha spaghetti recipe is pretty easy! Don't know what peach palm is? It's simply a variety of hearts of palm cut into thin strips, looking like spaghetti - see more details at the end of the recipe. It is a low carb option for those who take care of their diet and are looking for light alternatives to pasta. Here you will find several recipes with peach palm, this peach palm noodle with pesto that we present below is a vegetarian recipe that goes well as a main dish or side dish. Try it!

Ingredients for making peach palm spaghetti with pesto sauce:

 4 hearts of palm peach palm

 1 bunch of fresh basil

 2 garlic cloves

 2 tablespoons of pinholes or cashew nuts

 ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

 30 grams of chopped or grated parmesan cheese


 lemon (optional)

How to make peach palm spaghetti with pesto sauce:

How to make peach palm spaghetti? Simply grate the hearts of palm in a grated or mandolin until you get spaghetti-like strands. Blanch in boiling water with a little salt for 3-5 minutes, remove and let drain.

Tip: Add the same amount of salt you use to cook pasta to the water.

In a food processor or blender, beat the remaining ingredients until you get a doughy sauce. Taste and, if necessary, match the flavor with salt and lemon juice.

Tip: To get a more intense flavor, toast the pinholes or cashews in the pan before mixing with the remaining ingredients.

Mix the palm heart with the pesto and you are ready to serve your palm heart spaghetti with pesto sauce. That simple! A nutritious dish, rich in flavor and low in carbohydrates. Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments.

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What is the best heart of palm?

Did you know that there are different varieties of heart of palm? The heart of palm used in this recipe is the peach palm, however there are 4 others that are worth knowing as they vary in texture and flavor. Check which is the best heart of palm for each preparation:

Palmito peach palm: it is the most common in the market and the most sustainable from an environmental point of view. Its flavor is smooth, the texture is fibrous but soft, it has a low caloric content and is suitable for serving raw, for example, in salads;

Royal Heart of Palm: This is the least common of the heart of palm varieties. It has its origins in Australia, it has adapted well to the Brazilian climate and soil, its texture is soft and the flavor is delicate, between sweet and bitter;

Guariroba palm heart: a native Brazilian heart of palm, however little known. Its flavor is bitter, the texture is firm and therefore it must be cooked before consumption.

Heart of palm juçara: native to the Atlantic Forest, it is an endangered species of heart of palm. The flavor is smooth and the texture is smooth and juicy;

Açaí palm heart: similar to juçara palm in flavor and texture, however its exploitation is more sustainable.

After this comparison, we concluded that the heart of palm is the best heart of palm because, in addition to being more sustainable in production, it is a very versatile heart of palm that can be served raw as well. You may be interested to read about the pizza rustica recipe/ calzone dough recipe blogpost/ chayote benefits recipe/ kiwi jam recipe/ benefits of golden milk recipe.